EP Car Guy!

Don’t you just LOVE car shopping? I know my whole family including my mom hates it! The pressure, the uncertainty of “Are they taking advantage of me?!” Yup, I worked for them for 30 years! So what would be different by contacting EP Car Guy? TRANSPARENCY! I am going to sell you a nice, affordable and reliable vehicle to you and your whole family. Wait! Did I tell you that I have a Master Degree and a PhD on customers with HORRIBLE OR NO CREDIT? Yes, I understand, I have had bad credit myself 2 times in my past. When I lost my 15 year old job and when I lost my 10 year old job. Shit Happens! And sometimes when you are out shopping for a car, it could be a little embarrassing, it shouldn’t cause we all at one time had our downs. So let’s meet, have a coffee and become great friends, I am your Car Guy!

Excited to meet you!
EP Car Guy

God Loves You!

Bazaar Enterprises is an automotive dealership located at El Paso, TX specialized in selling the best used cars in the area.

Their in a mission to provide you with the most reliable car for an affordable price.